Out with the old…

Obviously I haven’t updated the blog in quite a while. However, I decided to get rid of my business website because I don’t really use it as a place of business. The blog should work just fine to update my customers on soaps coming down the pipes.

As soon as more soap is ready, I will update the link.


The “Holly” Swirl Technique

The Holly Swirl is basically a swirl within a swirl.  In my case, I created the base color of blue and added my swirled purple/yellow soap to the base color in the mold.  To create the purple/yellow swirl I did an ITP (in-the-pot) swirl using the purple and yellow.  I poured this into the blue base already in the mold (so that would be an in the mold swirl).  I topped it off with my various colors and white.

The “Holly” Swirl- Soap Challenge for Great Cakes SoapWorks




Here’s my contribution to the current soap challenge going on at Great Cakes Soapworks!  It’s the “Holly” Swirl, scented with Love Spell.  I used Love Spell because it’s so easy to work with.  I was going for moroccan colors using my new micas and neons from TKB trading.  I hope you like it!  The soap smells heavenly! I’m disappointed that my inner swirl isn’t as defined, but overall like the look.

However, does anyone else see the monster?

Been a long time…

So, it appears I’ve not updated my blog in a few days…

I have been busier lately making soap. Sometimes life just has a way of taking over. For those familiar with the military regime known as the “marching band”, you might not see me again until December. This will be a very busy fall.

However, I’ve been working on increasing my soap production in the past few months. At the moment, there are some lovely soaps resting comfortably during the “cure”:

Malabar Peppercorn– This is a hard scent to describe. It’s sultry, sexy, unisex. I did a touch of patchouli essential oil to the blend just because I love patchouli so much.
Lemon Poppyseed Poundcake– Fresh lemon scent on the bottom, bakery lemon scent on top. This fragrance was a bit of a challenge to work with, so it didn’t turn out like I envisioned in my head.
Coffee and Cream– smells like strong brewed coffee, with coffee grounds and lots of cocoa butter added. Great soap for the kitchen sink!
These lovelies will be ready August 9th!

Pumpkin Lager– spicy pumpkin fragrance
Calabrian Bergamot and Violet– wonderfully soft and sweet floral fragrance. It’s one of the few florals that I do like.
Spiced Mahogany– Yummmmm!! Ladies, I promise you will like this scent on your man. Sticks to his skin like glue after a shower.
These three will be ready August 24th.

The “Perfect Man”– a sexy, masculine fragrance with hints of grapefruit. I’m not big on strong “cologne” fragrances. This is reminiscent of a cologne, but so much better. Very popular!
Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey– unscented soap with heaps of oatmeal, milk, and real honey.
These will be ready August 31st.

If you need something now and just can’t wait, I have:

Lemongrass and Eucalyptus– essential oil blend with lemon peel added. Tanner created this uplifting blend!
Double Coco– Lashes of cocoa butter and coconut milk in an unscented base! Very creamy, lotion-y type lather.
Sanguigno Orange and Patchouli– Many of you are familiar with my Orange Patchouli soap. This is a fragrance oil blend, not strictly essential oils. However, it’s a lighter, brighter orange scent married with the patchouli. I did add extra Patchouli essential oil because I just love it!
I only have a few of the following scents: Fig & Sweet Almond, Bamboo Sugar Cane, Lilac, Toffee Sugar Crunch, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (scented), LoveSpell, Blackberry Amber, and Pacific Waters.

As always, send me an email at kerrie@valleyriversoap.com if you’re interested in any of the soaps.

New Soaps

I haven’t made a lot of soap lately, but I do have some new ones in the mix. I’m really enjoying the Green Irish Tweed dupe (after it mellowed a bit). Hubby thinks it smells like Irish Spring, but it’s much better with age. The Mediterranean Fig was a huge hit! It’s such a clean, earthy, fruity scent! It will definitely be on the “to make” list. I made another batch of the Toffee Sugar Crunch, but it’s a bit different. I tried to tweak the fragrances to strengthen the scent. Not really sure what I think about the end result….

I tested out quite a few fragrances from EBB a few weeks ago. I’ll report back on the outcome of that test. The Juniper and Aloe is a keeper (albeit a pain the behind to soap!).

Wow! We’re still using the laundry soap

It just dawned on me that we are still using the same batch of laundry soap made in July 2012.  I’m sure it cost less than $5 to make.  Other than the less-than-appealing look of the soap, it’s worked beautifully!  

I need to pull out all the ingredients to whip up another 6 month batch!  Does anyone know how to get it to “stay together” better?  Mine separates while sitting and I have to shake the jug really hard before pouring, but it works.